Dover Kansasville Betterment Committee

Formed on June 27, 2006

Dover Kansasville Betterment Committee, LLC

The purpose of forming was to host and run the Town of Dover 150-year sesquicentennial celebration.

At the time I Patrick Haley was on the Town Board as Supervisor number 1. Members of our community asked our board if the town was planning on hosting a town celebration where the other two board members voted not to have a celebration reasoning cost to the town. This did not sit well with me I put together a group of individuals that made that celebration happen. The Sesquicentennial was the starting of the Town of Dover/Kansasville Betterment Committee.


Later that fall I was asked if we could have an annual town picnic so I put together a group of people to make that happened and I called it The Dover/Kansasville Hometown Picnic I ran this event for 10 years and passed it onto the other members of my committee, all of them thought it was simple to put on a picnic I guess not the picnic never happen again.

Our 150-year anniversary also started an Eagle Lake tradition an annual Fireworks display, our committee ran it for ten years today it is run by The Eagle Lake Association and the help from local supports.

Our committee also started the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremonies with the Kansasville School Children after 10 years I passed that honor over to the Kansasville School where that ceremony is a holiday success. The pine tree that stands in front of the town hall was purchased and planted by our committee purposely for that event.

Other accomplishments

Our Committee ran a town contest for a town Logo. Our town did not have a logo. The logo was approved and adopted in 2007. The design was done by one of the Seitz girls on Eagle Lake.

We also put up and maintain our “Welcome to Dover/Kansasville” welcoming signs on Hwy 11. Later next year, we will be doing a makeover of those signs. We have a family, Matt & Lynn Szaradowski, who decorates Debbie and John Kroge yard sign.

Our picnic also started the historical committee run by Hellen Len and others. One of our military tents housed their display. Today that committee still exists here in the town hall pictured behind you. Our committee also purchased the showcases for those artifacts.

From our Town picnic, we purchased two Military tents. I mentioned to Scott Remer, Dover/Kansasville fire chief, that we would like to donate those tents to the Fire Department. I believe they are still in one of the sheds.

Annual Winter Ice Golf – originally started in 2008 as an annual winter ice fishing contest after Eagle Lake made its fish kill. We started the contest to help the bar called Eagle Inn. Many may remember we would tag a fish and catch that fish would win ten thousand dollars no one ever one. We ran this event for three years before turning the event into Winter Ice Golf. On a side note, for many years after our DNR would do their electric shocking to do a fish count, they would yearly come across those tagged fish.

Street Banners

For the past 14 years, our committee has purchases seasonal street banners this year because of the lack of a boom truck banners have not been hung. We are working on correcting this issue.